Application control

Application control

You can control which user has access to certain applications and when they have access to them

The DriveLock Application Control makes it possible to use rules to allow or block applications. The rules can be applied to operating system files or any applications installed centrally by an administrator. There are basic application whitelist rules which allow you to create a basic whitelist for your applications.

Overview of the functions

  • Programs which are unapproved are stopped before any damage can be done
  • Easy and efficient to configure
  • Prevents zero-day exploits
  • Personalized rules stay active after software upgrades
  • Creation of blacklists and whitelists
  • Default standard programs in the database

Further features


  • Application hash rules for programs
  • Publisher certification rules
  • Rules can be defined for executable file owners

With DriveLock Application Control YOU decide which application can be used by which user and when it can be used. The individual protection goes far beyond the basic protection of Windows 8





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